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The Future of Catastrophe Risk Management: Reducing Uncertainty After an Earthquake
On September 19th 2017, a Mexico City office building collapsed almost an hour after the ground shaking from a 7.1 earthquake stopped and unfortunately, after the people had gone back inside. Could future tragedies be prevented by today’s available building sensors?

Please join Safehub & Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation, for a live webinar where we'll discuss what we've learned about risk & resilience from previous earthquakes, how relative technology has evolved, and the true value of having building-specific data analytics after any earthquake.

In this session, we'll cover:
• Personal experiences in Mexico after the 2017 earthquake
• How sensors can now help reduce the uncertainty in estimating building vulnerability & analyze hidden, deadly damage after an earthquake
• How sensor data at building and portfolio levels can be used to improve model predictions of damage from earthquakes
• How improved vulnerability estimates can be used by building owners and risk managers for risk transfer and planning purposes (e.g., insurance) or post-earthquake response, including evacuation
• A Q&A Session


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